Carpet Restoration DIY Tips You Need To Know

carpet restoration
carpet restoration

Carpet cleaning and restoration is not always an easy task. There are certain stains on the carpet that require effort to remove because they are difficult to remove or sometimes need to hire affordable carpet restoration service. With the usage, carpets get older, become dusty, and the color of the carpets become older and look bad. So if you take good care of your floor, it can certainly increase the lifespan of your carpet and keep it as new as you’ve just bought it.

So here are some of the secret tips that are recommended by experts of the carpet cleaning industry. These tips are helpful in keeping the condition of your carpet new and you do not need to hire professional to remove stains from your carpet to restore its condition.

Never rub stains on carpets

carpet repair
carpet repair

This is one of the worst mistakes ever made by people that they start rubbing the stains on the carpet. When you rub the stains on the carpet, it actually damages your carpet by two ways, such as, by rubbing you actually push the stain to go deeper into the fibers which later becomes more difficult to remove. Rubbing also spreads the stain to the surrounding area of the carpet. The best way to remove the stain is, soak a clean piece of cloth into the cleaning solution and gently push from outwards inwards to blot the stain and try to avoid spreading it in the surrounding area.

Use ice cube to freeze the gum

It happens often when you find a piece of gum stuck to the fibers of your carpet and you don’t have any idea from where it came. Mostly you try to pull it or cut the fibers using scissors, by doing this you may cause a marked damage on that spot of carpet. The secret tip for this stain is to freeze the gum by putting ice cubes on it for a minute and use a spoon or a knife to remove it. Don’t need to cut the fibers, just scrape the gum and keep repeating it until you completely remove it.

Wax is removed easily

burn carpet repair
burn carpet repair

We all love to have candles in our house because candles make the scent of the house beautiful but besides that it also comes with some consequences. It may look terrible when there are drops of wax stuck into the fibers of your carpet, but it is not difficult to remove wax drops. You can use some precautions and tricks to remove the wax safely and properly from the fibers. Place a piece of cloth on the drop of the wax and use warm iron to place over the cloth for one minute. You can use a spoon or a knife to scrape the wax from the fiber of your carpet and repeat it until all wax is removed from the fibers.

Grease spots

Grease is the most difficult stain to remove form the fibers of the carpet. But you can use some carpet repair tips and tricks to remove the grease easily. You need to take some drops of dish washing detergent and mix it in a cup of water, put this mixture of solution into a spray bottle, just spray the stain and use a piece of cloth to rub it and repeat it until the stain of grease is removed completely.

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