6 DIY Tips For Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine service tucson az
Washing Machine service tucson az

Even if you consider yourself mechanically challenged DIY washer repairs are possible. Washing machines are truly considered as the workhorses of household appliances. When a washing machine goes down, it is normal to feel some degree of panic.

A simple way to deal with such situations is to learn some DIY tricks that work well on almost every washer model. You need to keep the instruction manual by your side when you attempt the following appliance repair tips.

When you have enough time and money, consider hiring an appliance repair company to avoid any mistakes. Search for “washer repair tucson az” and choose a well-reputed company.
Let us look at the DIY repair tips. But remember to unplug your washing machine before attempting any of the following tips.

1. Check Power Plugs

It is pretty annoying to find that your washer won’t run. A simple and obvious yet ignored DIY tip is to check the power plug. It seems petty but still, a lot of repairmen get paid for doing so. Plugs can loosen due to random pulling or falling on the ground.

2. Check Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are installed to prevent short-circuiting and electric fires in homes. When your washing machines do not run, do check the fuse in the circuit breaker.
If you find the fuse blown, replace it immediately. If the circuit breakers blow the fuse frequently, it is time to call a professional electrician.

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3. Clean The Lid Switches

Modern washing machines also have lid switches. If you do not have the habit of cleaning the washing machine regularly, check the lid switches.

Lid switches can break, get damaged or clogged without you even noticing. The gunked up lint can prevent your machine from working properly. Replace the switch when broken or clean the gunk using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

4. Clear The Water Valves

When the washer is properly plugged and receiving the current, you may need to clear the water valves. There are two main valves, hot and cold. Check each of them for any blockage. Some washers may not operate unless you open both the valves.

5. Unclog The Filter Screen

If the hot and cold valves are open and the washer is not working, unclog the filter screen. It is simple cleaning.

Unscrew the machine hoses and look for any clogged debris. Use the handle of an old toothbrush to clean the filter screen.

6. Redistribute Wet Clothing

If you are hearing weird trembling noises from the washer, you need to redistribute the wet clothes. The noises are mostly caused by improper loading.

For top loaders, spread the clothes evenly around the agitator. You may find a broken belt or drum as a reason for the noise. If you see any of these, call the best washer company in your area to fix the issue.

At certain times, replace the damaged or kinked hoses would do the trick. You may also need to change the detergent. Remember that not all detergents are created equal.

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